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Dear Hobbyist,

On behalf of PapermodEdition with the German 'FineLine' Cardmodels, I would like to welcome you to the fascinating world of card modeling.

Model building has been around for a long time.  It is based upon the basic human in-stinct to play and can entertain a hobbyist his entire life.  When a child first starts to build concepts, the desire for structured playing begins.  Homemade objects, which in the child's imgaination become dolls and animals, or the learning games in the sandbox are examples of model-like activities which can be continued as technical modeling when creative curiosity is added.

Ones creative thinking is challenged by cardboard modelling, especially with "FineLine" Card Models.  Transforming 2-dimensional sheets into 3-dimensional models demands structured advanced planning of logical consequences in miniature models sim-ilar to the thoughts processed by the designers of the original.

When you become interested in FineLine Card Models and start to assemble them, you will quickly discover that they open a fascinating world for you to enter during your free time.  This hobby is unparalled in its appeal and for being environmentally friendly.

Card models cannot be mass produced and in the rule, unlike other materials, are not available as a finished product.  The printing of the sheets, as well as your construction of the models, is much more friendly to the environment than plastic toys. With the present emphasis on the environment, cardboard modelling is a more appropriate hobby.

Why don't you give card modeling a try?